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Richard Buckminster Fuller: the planet's friendly genius. A scientist, philosopher. Bucky has gained renown as an inventor and designer (of the Dymaxion house, car and map), the creator of the geodesic dome, the man who coined the term "Spaceship Earth" and organized the World Game, the mathematician who discovered Synergetics, and as a dogged individualist whose genius has been felt throughout the world. He made his mark in areas of architecture, mathematics, philosophy, religion, urban development and design, naturalism, physics, numerology, art and literature, industry and technology.

(A display of a 2D slice through the total electron density of C-60 (buckyball).
Image created by Cary Sandvig of SGI - from SGI gallery / Computer-Aided Chemistry.
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Few ideas from Richard Buckminster Fuller's "Critical Path" (pg. 233/234):

"All technical evolution has a fundamental behavior pattern. First there is scientific discovery of a generalized principle, which occur as a subjective realizatin by an experimentally probin individual. Next comes objective employment of that principle in a special case invention. Next the invention is reduced to practice. This gives humanity an increased technical advantage over the physical environment. If successful as a tool of society, the invention is used in bigger, swifter, and everyday ways. For instance, it goes progressively from a little steel steamship to ever-bigger fleets of constantly swifter, higher-powered ocean giants."

"All the technical curves rise in tonnage and volumetric size to reach a 'giant' peak, after which progressive miniturization sets in. After that, a new and more economical art takes over and then goes through the same cycle of doing progressively more with less, first by getting bigger and taking advantage, for instance, of the fact that doubling the length of a ship increases its wetted surface fourfold but increases its payload volume eightfold."

(principle holds true for ships of both air and water)

Then comes the miniaturization, the overall and inexorable trending to DO MORE WITH LESS, known as "progressive ephemeralization". Trends toward an ultimate doing of everything with nothing at all, which is a trend of the omniweighable physical to be mastered by the omniweightless metaphysics of intellect.

This same fundamental evolutionary pattern of bigger, then smaller: Missles (more killing, less human effort, greater distances, higher speeds, increasing accuracy).

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