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"Actually, I have this sick voyeuristic fascination with people who spew about themselves on their web sites. These people always show more about themselves than they realize -- usually not for the better. I'm naming no names, though."
(John Troyer)


1982 - Got my first computer (Apple ][ clone, 48k RAM and no disk drive, by that time I only used tapes).

1983 - Developed some applications for the Apple ][ programming with Assembler 6502: Applications of data compression, sound recognition, flight simulator, games, midi and general hacking.

1984 - Got my first modem (300 bps). Some systems used only 50 bps (like online telex-based services).

1986 - Created my own BBS with some friends. The BBS was part of Fidonet and could even exchange international mail messages.

Jan/1991 - Started graduation (Electronic Engineering / USP - Universidade de São Paulo)

Jan/1992 - Created Grupo Fractarte with Humberto Baptista and Alexandre Dupont. We did then more than 15 Fractal exhibitions in many cities in Brazil.

Fev-Oct/1992 - Scientific initiation (research assistantship) course in Data Compression and Differential Cryptanalysis at IME-USP (Instituto de Matemática e Estatística).

1994 - Joined the Laboratory of Integrated Systems (LSI-USP) and became the first Webmaster at University of São Paulo (USP).

Jul/1994 - More information about my work at USP - Webmaster & USP Online.

Aug/1994 - Clifford Pickover liked my "fractal poem" and published it on his book "Chaos in Wonderland - Visual Adventures in a Fractal World".

Dec/1994 - Wrote an article about Haiku poetry to Revista Portal magazine.

Jan/1995 - Fractal for IME/25 years - Created the rubberstamp and image for celebration of 25 years of the Instituto de Matemática e Estatística (Univ.of São Paulo)

Mar/1995 - Founded Insite Company - to develop Internet technologies, software, sites and connectivity.

Apr/1995 - I was in Darmstadt, Germany, to the Third International World Wide Web Conference.

19/Apr/1995 - Newspaper article about the Conference.

26/Apr/1995 - Newspaper article about Interactiva - Biotechnology company in Ulm, Germany.

Nov/1995 - Participated (with Alphabase Interactive company) in the Internet live transmission of the "Philips Monsters of Rock" show in São Paulo transmitting video (using CU-SeeMe), audio, photos and even a chat (IRC) with Ozzy Osbourne. Probably the first live Internet transmission of a show in Brazil.

Mar/1996 - My poetry site (Fernando Pessoa - Obra Poética) received an award by Centro Atlântico - Portugal. It was a Macintosh computer (that I donated to LSI-USP)!

Oct/1996 - Prix Argos - Award by CNRS-UNESCO in Paris, France.

Oct/1996 - Interview to Libération (French newspaper)

Nov/1996 - Worked with Insite to create a Cyber C@fé to Videobrasil.

Jan/1997 - Finished and released some Insite Products.

20/Feb/1997 - Special day, presentation about the Fractal Exhibition at Univ. of São Paulo (see photo).

Oct/1997 - Interview to Jornal da Tarde

1998 - A lot of work for a lot of clients. Check Insite Portfolio for samples.

Jun/1999 - Email Composer - I've just finished a complete software to compose email. It's very fast and easy to use. Features: File attachment, Address Book, SMTP connection, off-line composing, queue messages for later delivery. To read email you can use my online webmail.

29/Jun/1999 - Poesia Infinita - Interactive poetry.

Jul/1999 - Online web interface for a Spell Checker (English and Portuguese).

Aug/1999 - Programmed the cool Russian Alphabet Converter.

2000 - Working hard developing intranets, E-R databases, software, web sites, electronic commerce, Internet products, financial and banking applications, and more... With lots of Perl programming, UNIX scripts, CGI's, servers, links, routers.

Feb/2000 - Created the new iG WebMail

Apr/2000 - Created the InForum: (Create your own Web Forum, Groups and Communities)

Jul/2000 - Created the new iG Chat

Aug/2000 - Created the new InCards - create tour own web card and send to your friends.

Nov/2000 - Created the new InSearch - A high performance Search Engine, robot and indexer tool.

13/Dec/2000 - Created many systems and technologies behind the new USP Web Site (University of São Paulo) including Search Engine, Intranet, Web Publishing System and more. Visit here:

28/Dec/2000 - Language Discovery System - It can guess which language you are typing in.

Rodrigo A. Siqueira