Here in Brazil, sometimes people like to write haiku using "Guilherme de Almeida style". This means a haiku with the rime following the rule taught by a famous brazilian writer called Guilherme de Almeida (who was one of the first to introduce haiku/haikai poetry in portuguese here). It has a rich kind of rime that goes like this:
  - - - - X           (X rimes with X and O rimes with O)
- O - - - - O
  - - - - X
Introducing this kind of restriction could take away some aspect of haiku essence and the translation is very difficult, but it is very beautiful to read and listen.

Some examples:

wet streets... car by car
    midnight hissing outside
ocean's too far...
		 Alexey V. Andreyev

More examples (rimes only in Portuguese):
  Devagar, devagar
A folha sem escolha
   vaga pelo ar
                 Rodrigo Siqueira.

    Slowly, slowly
The leaf without choice
  flies through the air.

   O sol e seu cenário
Eia ! Deixas a cadeira,
   solta teu canário.
                      Pedro Xisto.


    Lua enevoada,
  O cao e sua solidao
 caminham pela estrada.
                         Rodrigo Siqueira

      Solitary dog
 walks down a narrow road
   under a misty moon.

The image is the same, but the rime structure could not be translated :-(
I'll try to write some in english using this structure. Wait...
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Rodrigo Siqueira