Selected quotes and expressions from William Butler Yeats

"and the moon is wilder every minute"

"makes my heart afraid"
"in the mind's eye"
"in the narrow theme of love"
"into the twilight"
"and pay but a kiss for a kiss"
"to a young beauty"
"How far away the stars seem, and how far is our first kiss,
and ah, how old my heart."
"before the sun had thrown our shadows in the ground"
"left her to the indifferent stars above"
"she is alone in her remorse"
"the monstruous crying of the wind"
"Spiritus Mundi troubles my sight"
"for all things the delighted eyes now sees"
"and sinks at last into the night"
"we had fed the heart on fantasies"
"nothing but sweetness can remain when hearts are full of their own sweetness"
"I at midnight by the clock may creep into your bed"
"a flute of bone"
"your heartiest welcomer"

"our souls are love and an eternal farewell"

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