Prix Argos / Argos Award - CNRS/UNESCO
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This is awarded to a web site for its originality and user-friendliness, the unpredictability of the information and encounters which it offers, and its concern for inaugurating trans-continental dialogue and create elective affinities on the web.

In October 1996, "Delirium's Web Site - Enlightenment, Madness and Illusion" received "The Lewis Carroll - Argos Prize" (information in French), given by the CNRS (National Center of Scientific Research in France) and organized by the International Scientific Audiovisual Conference - Image and Science and the UNESCO's International Film, Television and Audiovisual Communication Concil.

The award was presented in Paris with an original sculpture made by Federica Matta during the XIIIes Rencontres Internationales Image et Science.

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  • Who was Lewis Carroll?

    Some pictures (Paris, Oct-05-1996):

    The awards
    Rodrigo talking
    With the sculpture


      Jean-Michel Arnold - France, General delegate
      Paul Caro - France, Head of Scientific Affairs at the City of Science and Industry
      Youssouf Cissé - Republic of Mali - Sociologist, ethnologue
      Costa Gavras - Greece - Film Director, President of Cinememory
      Hernando Hoyos de Baena - Colombia - Plastician
      Derrick de Kerckhove - Canada - Head of the Mac Luhan Programme
      Jean-Pierre Massué - Europe - General Secretary of he European Federation of Scientific Networks
      Paul Mullen - Australia - Psychiatrist
      Jean Rouch - France - President of the International Film, Television and Audiovisual Communication Council at UNESCO
      Robert Silman - Great Britan - Neuro-physiologist
      Lia Somogyi - Hungria - Writer, script-writer
      Norman Spinrad - United States - Writer

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