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Rodrigo de Almeida Siqueira (photo)
E-Mail: rodrigo(at)insite.com.br
Born in: Chile
Work/Projects: Manager and webmaster at Insite (Internet Technologies)
School: Universidade de São Paulo (Electronic Engineering)
More about me: Life, dreams, work, biography
Site Award: Prix Argos(CNRS-UNESCO/Paris)
Interview in the news: Jornal da Tarde and Libération
Blog: deliriumdreams.blogspot.com

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Some of my Web Work:

Check the the phase of the moon
and world sunlight now!

Other interest areas:

Digital Photography (this is my camera), Typefaces and Fonts, MP3 Music, Zen & Tao, Biocomputing and Genetics (DNA code), Techno Trance Music, Cognitive Science, Information Theory, cookies, Design, cybernetics and systems theory Philosophy, Chilli, pizza, Mensa, Cypherpunks, sumi-e, Fantastic Art (H.R. Giger), traveling, Logic, Synthesizers (DX-7), RPG, SF & Fantasy, Memetics, origami architecture, Metamagical themes, Carpe diem...

More people:

Mário Schenberg, J.S.Bach, Douglas Adams, Dalai Lama, Douglas Hofstadter, Robert Anton Wilson, H.P. Lovecraft, J.R.R. Tolkien, Spock, Mandelbrot, Pythagoras, Carl Sagan, Martin Gardner, Joseph Campbell, Ilya Prigogine, Marvin Minsky, Neil Gaiman, The Death, Richard Dawkins, Timothy Leary.

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Rodrigo Siqueira