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This is my small collection of free interesting software I've seen around.

EMAIL COMPOSER (490kbytes) - This is the fastest way to compose and send email using Windows or DOS. Features: Address Book, SMTP connection, off line composing, queue messages for later delivery, file attachment. More features. Tell me what you think. Created by Rodrigo Siqueira.
PEDIT - Very good DOS editor! Can even copy&paste between windows apps and the DOS window, use windows printer drivers, can insert files inside the text, save selection and more.

Cygwin / BASH for Windows 95/98 - No more MS-DOS! Now I can use BASH under Windows. Comes with useful GNU power tools like bash grep, zgrep, find, echo, du, cat, df, split, gzip and more. It's free.

Martian terrain renderer (3 kbytes!)

Very small software to draw fractal voxel-based terrains in real time. Works on 386 (or better) with VGA. Use the mouse to move around the landspace. Author: Tim Clarke. (4 kbytes)

Animated VGA 3D demo for PC 386 or greater used in the Assmebly '95 intro competition. Author: Mikko Reinikainen.

4d Graphics Laboratory - (44 kbytes)
Rotate a color Hypercube and many other 4-Dimensional images! (for DOS)
Binary Blitz - (1 kbyte!)
DOS game of logic, fun, perception and knowledge.

bat.bat (0.1 kbytes)

Useless .bat software for DOS to print an ASCII bat in the screen. Check my collection of ASCII art for more.

Rodrigo A. Siqueira