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Most of my time I'm programming Internet applications for my company (Insite) and I develop software and products to be used in web sites, intranets and Internet access providers. My interests include creating search engines, databases and applications for network administration/automation tasks.

Some of my projects:

  • InAuth - Complete authentication and authorization system for intranets and web sites.
  • Inmail - Web interface for reading and composing email (similar to hotmail).
  • Inedit - Remote web site manager
  • Inchat - Multi-user chat server
  • Instats - Web access report analysis software with statistics and graphics (similar to Hotmail). Compatible with all POP servers.
  • Pager Gateway - Software that runs with the email server and redirect email messages to pagers
  • Insearch - Search engine that can do remote indexing of documents using an web-based robot.
  • Inshop - Shopping cart.
  • InMap - Web robot that checks for the integrity of links inside a site and compose a page with the site map showing the connections of all pages, areas and links.
  • More information and demonstration about each of those products can be found at Insite Products page

If you are interested in any of those products or need any specific Internet application, contact us.

Insite has a full team with network engineers, graphical designers, multimedia producers and computer programmers that can provide creative solutions with state of art technology. Other services include consulting, domain registration, web hosting, direct Internet connection (dedicated links), CGI programming and data base integration.

Other projects:

    DBD::Sprite - I'm author of the perl DBD driver to access Sprite database. (Sprite is a Perl 5 module that implements a subset of SQL-92 to manipulate text-delimited databases). I have some Sprite comments and bug reports here.

More samples of my web work:

[ more information and biography here ]
Rodrigo A. Siqueira